Northern Voice 2012

Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference
June 15th and 16th, 2012 in Vancouver, BC

We Like to Have Fun
Inside our workshops and seminars, you’ll be treated to plenty of laughs and good times. But in between sessions and at the Northern Voice party, you can hang out with very cool people – your fellow attendees and our speakers – who know how to have a good time.
We’re Good Value
Since our first un-conference, a Northern Voice ticket has always been one of the best values in town. Our basic ticket price has never gone over $100 – and if you reserve an early-bird special, you save even more.
We Like to Share Knowledge
At our keynotes, seminars and Moosecamps, learn everything you ever wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask. The learning that goes on outside of the sessions can be just as valuable, too.
We Like to Tell Stories
Personal blogging is about instantly connecting your voice with an audience. Our participants are into food, fiction, fashion, technology – pretty much any niche you can name.
We've Been Around A Long Time
Northern Voice began in Vancouver in 2005 as an informal, accessible personal blogging conference for techies and newbies alike. That makes our conference one of the first social media conferences in the universe.

Thanks all around

Just wanted to put out a final quick note, once again thanking our generous sponsors, attendees, volunteers and organizing committee for helping make Northern Voice 2012 one of our best years ever.

Did you love everything about our conference? Thought we could have done something differently (and better)? Have suggestions about speakers or presentation topics for next year? Want to sponsor us next year?

Whatever your feedback, please send it along to info [AT] northernvoice [DOT] ca

2nd Day of Northern Voice 2012. What do you think?

What were your favorite presentations on Friday? What are you looking forward to, today? What have you learned that has inspired you to create or collaborate to communicate your own personal voice? Who have you met that left a great impression? Leave a comment -- and enjoy the rest of the conference?

A Yelp for Yelp

We're excited to be running the second day of Northern Voice. The first day was a blast, full of learning, inspirational talks and fun workshops. Looking forward to more good stuff -- thanks in part to one of our big sponsors, Yelp!

Northern Voice starts tomorrow! Tips for attendees

Northern Voice starts tomorrow and we thought it would be a good idea to provide a little checklist of tips for new attendees and veterans alike to enjoy their experience.


Our Sponsors

Northern Voice 2012 is a wrap! Thanks for coming out, everyone, it was a great two days.