Northern Voice 2012

Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference
June 15th and 16th, 2012 in Vancouver, BC


Northern Voice on Dotto Tech

Despite the gloomy weather we've been having (It's June, right?) the excitement is heating up over Northern Voice. Two of our conference's organizers, Shane Birley and Jonathon Narvey, were invited by Steve Dotto of Dotto Tech  to talk about personal voice, blogging, social media and how it all hangs together.

It was totally fun and confirms our impression of Steve as one of the coolest dudes talking about technology. Looking forward to more such chats at the conference at W2 June 15 and 16!

Have a listen to the interview:

Chevrolet Recharge Lounge. Power to the people!

You're at a personal voice and social media conference where want to liveblog from your laptop or tweet from your smartphone about all of the cool things that are happening -- but you're out of power! Nooooooooooo! 

But wait! What's that... a recharge station? The Chevy Recharge Lounge? Yes! That's what we need.

It's Almost Happy Hour Party Time with Northern Voice


We like the people who show up at Northern Voice so much that we don't want to stop hanging out with them. That's what Happy Hour is for! Meet and greet your fellow social media mavens and share your personal voice over a drink or two.

W2 Serves Yummy Lunch at Northern Voice. Get Your Ticket

Coming to Northern Voice and wondering what you're going to do for lunch? The cafe at W2 is giving you some great options if you want to stay close to the conference and hang out with your fellow attendees. (Lunch isn't provided with your conference ticket automatically, as in previous years).

If you want lunch from W2, you'll have to pre-order! Choice of meat or vegetarian, price includes main, salad, sweet, and beverage. Check out your choices, then book your lunch today on Eventbrite

Northern Voice Happy Hour Party


Hey, have got your party tickets yet?


Well, you should! This year, we are having the Northern Voice party on the Friday night - right after the conference day ends. Want to hear the best part? We're having it at W2! A quick get together to hang out, chatter, have a few cocktales, and a funky DJ. It will be awesome!

The "Happy Hour" lounge will be open on Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm. Ticket includes one drink and food (appetizers/nibbles), as well as entertainment. The party ticket is included in the early bird ticket!

Did you get yours?


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Northern Voice 2012 is a wrap! Thanks for coming out, everyone, it was a great two days.