Northern Voice 2012

Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference
June 15th and 16th, 2012 in Vancouver, BC

How to use your social media presence to attract and land the job (and life) you want

Social media (no matter what your platform of choice) is a powerful tool in attracting and obtaining the kind of work you love to do. There are certain strategies you can use to make sure that your online presence is accurately projecting the image of yourself that you want out into the world. Crystal will share her ideas about how to use the way you craft your blog posts and integrate your various social media channels to represent yourself in the most effective, and impactful way. Participants will be active in identifying a goal for the coming year (life or career), and then forming a plan of how they can use social media to help them get it.


Crystal Stranaghan is a Health Psychologist and the author of 15+ books for readers of all ages. She has worked as a publisher, editor, book designer, publishing consultant and creative writing mentor on more than 50 book projects and has taught groups ranging in age from pre-school students to adults on topics including: writing, web-marketing, publishing, wellness, goal setting, leadership and the business of making books.

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Northern Voice 2012 is a wrap! Thanks for coming out, everyone, it was a great two days.