Northern Voice 2012

Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference
June 15th and 16th, 2012 in Vancouver, BC

Reimagine the CBC. Part of Democratizing Media panel

In late January, and Leadnow, two of Canada’s largest citizen engagement organizations, launched a unique new project: Reimagine CBC. Envisioned as a massive public brainstorm, Reimagine CBC leverages participatory online tools and engagement strategies to ask Canadians what they think the future holds for public media. This presentation will show how, by building spaces of reciprocal communication, fostering online-offline-online engagement, and breaking away from the kind of cultural conservatism often associated with the CBC, Reimagine has made important practical, strategic, and conceptual interventions into the debate around the future of public media.


Tyler Morgenstern is a Vancouver writer, communication specialist, and social change advocate. He has worked for a number of media democratization initiatives and organizations including Reimagine CBC, Media Democracy Days Vancouver, and, most recently, the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Privacy Association. His personal work ( explores themes of radical democracy, solidarity-building, and ethics in political activism.

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Northern Voice 2012 is a wrap! Thanks for coming out, everyone, it was a great two days.