Northern Voice 2012

Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference
June 15th and 16th, 2012 in Vancouver, BC

Personal Blogging: Ripping the Band-aid Off

In 2010, my Northern Voice address took a left turn in the questions period, when I encouraged the audience to “Rip the Bandaid off” when blogging. This year, we’ll pick up where that left off.

I believe blogging changes the world. Not just in a protests-in-Egypt kind of way, but in ways that inspire people to change themselves, however it matters to them, from the hardly-noticeable through to earth-quaking ways.

We saw that inspiration resonating worldwide that when our friend Derek K. Miller post-humously published his “Last Post” last year, to remind people of what’s important in life.
Derek proved bloggers are powerful when personal, because they’re people like us, and they make us think about who we are, why we are, and where we’re going.
Some will talk about using blogging for activism outside of ourselves or our daily lives, and that’s noble, but personal blogging isn’t masturbation -- it can engage and affect people on very profound levels, because of the nature of the story.

Like the Disney classic song says, “There’s so much that we share that it’s time we're aware, it’s a small world after all.”
That’s the gift of personal blogging. We learn how alike we are. We learn what “human condition” really means.
When you do personal blogging, please -- be personal. Rip the Band-aid off.

Don’t have shame in sharing your experience. We’ve been there and seen the monster in the night. We’ve all felt alone, or like a failure, or thought we were weak.
When we share, not only are we a little less adrift in the existential sea, but so are those around us.

The more we know about each other’s lives -- and not just the awesome parts suited for resumes and bullshit hand-shaking -- the more we can identify and relate, and maybe change.
Google and Facebook data-mine our lives. We’re canaries in the privacy coalmine. It’s out there, or soon will be, so let’s use it for good.

Beat ‘em to the punch, blog about it. Rip the Band-aid off. Share what makes you YOU. Someone somewhere needs a hero today, maybe it’s you.
Most writers want to make a ripple in the pond. Effective personal blogging can do that, and we’ll take a look at how compelling it can be when we go there.
In this presentation, I’ll spend the first 15 or so minutes talking about my approach to blogging, then I’ll turn it into a question-and-answer period and hopefully address a wide range of concerns.


Vancouver-born and newly relocated to Victoria, Steffani Cameron blogs after hours, while working in TV post by day. She hates soggy cereal.

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Northern Voice 2012 is a wrap! Thanks for coming out, everyone, it was a great two days.